What our riders have to say...

If someone wants to learn how to ride and also learn all they can about horses and horsemanship, I can’t think of anybody more qualified for the job than Nancy White.

Nancy is a teacher who recognizes that everyone learns at their own pace.  She is skilled at teaching all ages.  I have had other riding instructors, but none has had the talent for detecting problems and coming up with a solution like Nancy can.  I have never had a horse in training with Nancy, but I can say that all of her charges have manners, but not one of them is afraid of her.  I think that says a lot about who she is and how she conducts her craft

Kris Lochard

Nancy’s ability to communicate with horses and riders is nothing short of amazing!

Steve G.

Nancy knows so much about horses and riding. It’s amazing!  She is able to pass along tht knowledge to her students no matter their age–even people like me, who entered the horse world very late.Everytime I take a lesson, I’m impressed again by how much Nancy knows about horses and riding. Shess been arond horses her eintire life and is able  to pass along her knowledge in just the right way to help me reach my goals

Gay Abdon