Whitewind Farm offers full training

From conditioning and in hand showing (conformation) to taking a schooled jumper to greater heights. Most horses that come to this barn are either ready to start under saddle or to continue their education as a riding horse. We do not use unusual gimmicks or devices to get the horse to submit. We use good horsemanship to achieve our goal of happy submission. As part of the training program, the owners are encouraged to watch, ask questions, and even participate. Part of the full training process offers the owner lessons so when the horse is finished with the training, the owner is capable of understanding what the horse has learned and how to communicate it clearly.

Full training

  • Horse is worked with 5 days a week
  • Full training price includes full care board
  • Open communication is maintained with the owner


Price of Full Training…………..$1000.00/month

Partial Training is the same as full care but the horse is only ridden 3 times a week. With full care board.

Price of partial Training……..$800.00/month